Thursday, December 18, 2008

LIGHTNING REVIEW!! - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

My pal Kevin won some tickets to an advance screening of Benjamin Button, David Finchers latest film! I love Finchers work, he's one of my favorite directors, and this time around he does not disappoint.

The movie is somewhere around 3 hours long, but I never noticed because I was too into the story. It completely sucked me in.

Everyone delivers a great performance, but what I found shocking was the slow physical transformation of each character. Its the brilliant combination of CG, makeup, and body doubles that firmly planted this fairy tale into reality. Brad Pitts makeup aside, Cate Blanchett looked amazing! I always thought she was pretty, but I'm pretty sure their makeup team had wizards and shamans on the crew to make her look 20 years old again.

David Fincher kicks a whole lot of ass, even though this film is a lot more subdued from his other work, (Fight Club, Seven, Zodiac), but its a nice change of material for the director.

I don't know if Button will win any oscars, but I think it deserves to be in the running.

Go see it, suckas!

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rich johnson said...

nice! I can't wait to see this!