Thursday, December 4, 2008


Today I will give my review of Disney's Bolt.

Judging by the early trailers for this flick, I really wasn't looking forward to seeing Bolt. But as the good reviews started coming in, it caught my attention.

Bolt is a pretty fun kids movie, There's some great laughs in there, some good tender moments that pluck the ol' heartstrings, but overall, I think it just felt too vanilla.

The animation was amazing, Right up there with Pixar and Blue Sky, the pigeons were very well done and they stole each scene they were in.

The design was a bit strange though. The characters were sooooo well done, very cartoony and dynamic. But the rest of the world was rendered very realisiticly, which made these cartoony characters stand out of place. I wish they took the principles of exaduration and distortion from the human characters, and implimented it to the rest of the world.

The story was, as I said earlier, nothing terribly new. It felt like it borrowed a bit from Toy Story, (Bolt is convinced he has superpowers, much like Buzz Lightyear believes he can fly, etc) but aside from a few nitpicks, this movie should please most people with a heart.


BEADLE said...

Here's a list of people that wouldn't like this movie based on your review:

1- Davey Jones (cut his heart out)
2- That guy in the Temple of doom (Had his heart pulled out)
3- The Tin Man (no heart)
4- Any Transforming robot (no organic parts)

your pal,

nate said...

Don't forget Noheart from carebears, Darth Vader (mostly robotic), and anyone with one of these:

Sara said...

Also consider Cruella de Vil, of whom has a heart, though it isn't functional - on top of skinning dogs.

- Sara Jean.