Thursday, May 7, 2009

Review: Wolverine

Wolverine was awful!
Heres a few problems I had with the film:

A) Canadians are backwater hicks who'd rather fight than move their trucks off the road.

-Hah! Everytime I've kindly asked a fellow Canuck to move out of the way, I get an apology and a donut. No need to bare the claws there wolvey! You're doing it all wrong!

B) 1979

-This film is set in 1979. They didn't show any new cars or anything, BUT they somehow had 3d renderings of Wolverines skeleton up on their lcd computer screens.

C) Its a Huge turd

-If you like good movies, dont go see this one.


Amanda said...

Some excellent points there Nate!

kimania! said...

My stomach hurt from trying to stifle laughter. Best part? When he types "Decapitate".

BEADLE said...

I think they need to start over with the x-men movies. Hugh Jackman is great as Wolverine, but they need to make the rest of the x-men marvel universe a lot cooler.

your pal,