Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Billy Bob is an Ass

Billy Bob Thorton on CBC radio, being a jerk.


rich johnson said...

i call bullshit on this one. I love the end when he says he doesn't lug his drums around at 6 am. hahaha.

that made me laugh.

You have to remember, this guy is the same guy that put angelie jolie's blood into a little veil and hung it around his neck and made a big fuss about it in the media.

BEADLE said...

I totally agree with Rich. I bet we're going to find out this is all part of a new mockumenatry movie that him and Phoenix are doing, where they're pretending to give up acting and focus on their music.

I feel sorry for Jian Ghomeshi having to do an interview with him for that long though.

your pal,