Monday, March 16, 2009

Magic Towels!

Ever wanted a towel but never wanted to bother with the folding, unfolding, and storing that towels require? Well hoo-doggy, then Magic Towels are for you!!!

All you need to have this awesome towel is a cup of water!!

Then Drop the towel capsule into the glass!Wait a few moments... Then pull that sucker out!

TADA!!!! A towel! Its wet so its not very good for drying things, but its great for scrubbing and throwing at people.

Best part is, we got 8 for a buck! High five for the recession!


Amanda said...

Wow! I want to get me some magic towels!

BEADLE said...

Question: If you dip it in the water and then toss it at someone, does it expand in midair ?

your pal,

nate said...

Beadle! great question. I shall test that this weekend.