Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gotham Knight

The Gotham Knight came out on dvd this week, it apparently bridges Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and allows 6 different directors to interpret Batman in their own way.

For the most part, I really can't get into anime. A lot of it feels like its just one step up from a comic book, and unfortunately, some of the films in this compilation fall into that category.

I really liked a couple of the stories though, Primarily "Have I Got A Story For You", and "Working Through Pain". Both have some amazing imagery and are undoubtedly worth watching.

However, the art direction in "Crossfire" and "Deadshot"made my eyes fall out, and at times the animation is so limited it made me cringe.

I'd love to see what some other studios woulda whipped up, its wierd they chose all Anime directors. How about some Baxter? Maybe some Williams?

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