Monday, May 5, 2008

crazy spammers!

Spamming is becoming pretty clever these days. Check out this email I got today!

"I liked your blog, it was really cool. Got to be honest, those bottom two Dark Knight posters scare me. The trailers look unreal and I'm sure the movie is going to be on par with Batman Begins but those posters look like the old Batman movies (which scares me). Hopefully they are just trying to do as much pr as possible.

Anyways, my name is Jamie and I work for Matchstick, a word of mouth marketing agency in Toronto and we're looking for people in Vancouver to try out a new charger for their ipod. If you own an ipod and are interested then you can check out (URL removed) you can shoot me an email back if you have any questions.

Alright man, keep up the blog, take care,


Crazy!! Jamie, if you're reading this- thanks for at least feigning interest in my blog! Its nice to know that some people are enjoying it!


Kelly said...

I'm interested in it Nate :) Only I think you should write more about how cool your sister is....

P. Parker said...

Hey, nice blog you got there. I agree, spamming has got out of control these days! In fact I'm researching this very subject on behalf of a major marketing firm and we'd love to get your input on a few issues we're discussing. Please reply and I'll set you up with a quick 5 page survey for your chance to win your very own, genuine brand new Apple iPod!

Thanks, P. Parker

nate said...

Woah, THE peter parker!?!
your last movie sucked!

emilyyyyyyy said...

i googled this a bit. it is an advertiser finding you in your private place- however, this company has given free phones to bloggers in the future so the ipod dock probably would be free. from emily