Monday, April 14, 2008

Movie Review: The Story Of Ricky

Just look at how awesome the poster for Ricky Oh: The Story of Ricky is. It alone is testimony for the quality of film you are about to take in.

Upon renting The story of Ricky, the video store clerk said to my friend; "You know, this movie is notoriously awful, right?". Boy, was he wrong! The story of Ricky blew my mind! No wait, Better than that, The Story of Ricky CLAPPED MY HEAD RIGHT OFF MY BODY. (click here for head exploding. Kinda NSFW)

Ricky is some kind of super powered ninja warrior guy, sent to prison for manslaughter. While in prison, Ricky discovers that they are growing all types of bad drugs there! So what does he do? Unleashes all fury onto the evil Hook-Handed Warden!

This movie is easily one of the goriest action movies I've ever seen. Ricky gets cut on his arm. How does ricky stop the bleeding? By tying his own veins into a knot. Clever guy that Ricky!

I give this movie an awesome out of five stars!

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